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My ASOS Favourites!

I’ve decided that I really should make the most of my ASOS Premier – I’ve only ordered like twice since I’ve got it! But I’ve had a bit of a look recently, and I’m really happy with a lot of the stuff I’ve found! Bearing in mind I like things that suit me and are classic enough to wear anytime, here are some of the things I love most from ASOS! I’ve got all the photos from the ASOS website, so source credit to them for this.

A Wear Skater Skirt, £20.00

Starting simple, this skirt is a steal at £20! I think it could really be dressed up nicely – as shown in the picture with heels – or worn in the day with tights and a simple top. I’d be buying this in an instant if I had a job that required me to dress smartly (i.e not a uniform) – I’m holding off a little until then but I love this style skirt. It’s versatility is what’s brilliant about this: it could be worn high-waisted with a cute white shirt (ohh, the more I think about it, the more I really want it!), or on the hips so it’s a little longer. Definitely going to snap this up before the summer is out.

ASOS VITA Flatform Ankle Boots, £55.00

I’ve been dying for some new ankle boots for a while, but summer meant that there hasn’t really been that many options (or need to wear them at all!). I also need to invest in some more heels I am actually comfortable wearing  – rather than just gazing at how pretty they are, then giving up on actually attempting to walk in them. These seem like a perfect compromise. They’re versatile, I really like the fact they lace up – it gives them quite a casual feel – and hopefully easy enough to walk in that I could wear them up to uni in the winter. The only issue for me is that they’re quite expensive to buy without being able to try them out first. Although I suppose that’s what my free returns are for!

Little Mistress Embellished Empire Halter Dress, £55.00

Words cannot describe how much I am in love with this dress. Ohhh my god, the colours are just gorgeous (especially while I still have a hint of holiday tan). The halter neck is tied with a lovely silky bow at the back. I love how it shows off a bit of back (probably one of my favourite parts of myself). The white section seems like it would support your boobs well and the jewel detail sets the whole thing off. I think if I could miraculously spare the money to spend on this, I would go for it. Despite probably getting nowhere near as much wear out of it as anything else. It’s just beautiful. Can’t even express anything other than my love for this. The link is here in case you actually want a bit of useful information about it.

Vila Exclusive Oversized Slouchy Knit Jumper, £20.00

Wow. I’ve literally only realised as I put in the caption here that this jumper is £20! Excuse me while I go buy it…no joke. I’m definitely picking it up right after this is published. It reminds me of something you’d find in Topshop for about twice the price! This also comes in a dark grey colour which is pretty nice, but I am obsessed with dark reds/burgundy at the moment (see my Miss Selfridge blog!) so I’m definitely doing for this one. Seems like the perfect winter wear with jeans (plus the flatform ankle boots I’m thinking). I’m not sure if this will flatter me particularly (small waist, DD and biggggg hips) but for £20, this is perfect for lazy days in and lounging around when its cold. As I’ve written this, it’s sold out in a size XS (8) so I’m rushing to claim the small before it goes too! Seems I’m not the only one with an eye for a bargain.

Pauric By Pauric Sweeney Atlantic Duffle Bag, £440

The most upsetting thing about this final post is that I know I’m never going to own this bag. I can imagine now how soft it would be and how much I’d adore it. But a months pay will never be spent on this *sob*. I don’t even have the guts to take it out of my student loan. But ASOS – this is perfection. I pray for a sale. A mega mega sale. But I hope you all love looking at it as much as I did –

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your take on the items, or the things that you loved from the website! I’ll be back with some make up posts soon – today I received my Benefit set (that gal, sunbeam and porefessional) as well as an Illamasqua eyeshadow – again from ASOS. So expect some beauty reviews soon!


A Young, Biased and Optimistic Take on Relationships.

NB: this entry may contain dire cheesy comments or sections. I apologise to anybody who feels sick to their stomach reading this. But it might make some people happy too. So I suppose, on balance, it’s worth going ahead with.

I’m 20 years old (21 in November). I have been in a relationship for two and a half years. A few months before that, I was in a relationship for a year and a half. Basically, I’ve been in a relationship since I was sixteen. Even in the time between my two proper relationships, I wasn’t really looking for anyone other than the guy I’d already fallen for. Most younger people write about being single, partying, going home with people. I’m here for the other side.

I think a lot of it has to do with personality. While I like going out, it’s for my friends. I like having a dance, funny moments, catching up with people I miss while they’re away at uni. On nights where I look up and I’m surrounded by people I don’t know, I get uncomfortable.

  1. They’re usually guys.
  2. I have no interest in speaking to them because I will never see them again.
  3. I don’t want you to touch me. Please stop trying to dance behind me.
  4. No. I don’t want a picture with you. Why do I want pictures with some random 40-year-old man? Ew. Get away from me.

The things I look forward to on a night are getting dressed up, dancing, cocktails, the inevitable McDonald’s and going home to my boyfriend. Because even though I’m young – and who knows, maybe one day I will look back and regret not getting out there and making those kind of mistakes while I can. But, even though I’m young, I love knowing there’s somebody that cares if I get home safely, but wants me to go out with my friends and have a ball. That will leave me to have a good time and not try to control what I wear or do, but will pick me up and laugh at the stupid drunken things I say. I see it as the best of both worlds.

A lot of students, or people my age will say ‘I don’t want to be tied down’. I totally agree. I’ve felt envious at times, and even wished I’d met my boyfriend a year or so later in life so I could have had the option of just having fun if I’d have wanted. Maybe I would be a different person if I haven’t been in such committed relationships at this age. But the person I am now thinks that maybe it never would have been me. And I think my relationships have brought out good things in me.

Sometimes I worry that I don’t know who I am, alone. Outside the part of my identity that links me to somebody else. I think a lot of people think that being serious with somebody means that you can’t be your own person. Like ‘salt ‘n’ pepper’, you’re always linked. But that’s not how it has to be. And I have such strong opinions about a lot of things that I must know my own mind. Because lots of them are different to my boyfriends. Phew.

My opinion is that the only time being in a long relationship so young is detrimental is if you don’t want to be there. I met a couple a few years ago (who are now engaged) but the guy was always looking elsewhere. Even if it never lead anywhere. This is pointless. Be single, get out there. Being in a relationship for being afraid of being alone is never good. Being alone and you is a thousand times better than being with somebody you don’t love with everything you have. Wait for somebody worth it.

I strongly believe that if somebody comes into your life that is properly special, don’t let them go. No matter what your age. Some people meet their life partner (for lack of a better word) in childhood. Some do when they’re 50. Some don’t need or want anybody else. What matters is we do the right thing for us. And even if I wanted things to be different for a short time, or took what people said about it not being worth it if it doesn’t last to be true, I don’t think I’d regret how I spent my youth. Because I’ve been really lucky to find someone who makes me happy.

Things you do whilst on the phone to your best mates.

Recently, I’ve begun to notice a pattern in my phone calls. Using today’s as an example, it usually begins with a dilemma that involves the need to dissect the situation and attempt to come up with a solution. Next, I will do my (possibly misguided, being quite a brutally honest person) attempt to make whoever I’m speaking to feel better. This normally ends up with them feeling 50 times worse than they originally did (aka calling them a home-wrecker – sorry Charl). After the original dilemma has passed, anything goes. Some examples of the madness we can descend into are;

  • Watching ridiculous YouTube videos and crying with laughter. Try nuttymadam3537‘s YouTube channel for an idea of the hilarity we are talking about. Unless you’re into watching trailers and sobbing your heart out. In which case, you will also love this.
  • Posting/tagging old photos of each other on social networking sites. Anything found on MySpace will do here. It must be at least 2 years old where you have an awful haircut/are pulling a ludicrous facial expression. Or videos. Videos are even better. Particularly old immature pranks that we found hilarious at the time (again, Charl, I’m terribly sorry about ruining your lunchtime with a condom 😦 ). Well, I say at the time, the memory still brings tears to my eyes. As it wont let me post the video up here, here are a couple of photos.

    Looking like I have Voldemort in the back of my head.

Charl Denouncing Hitler..


  • Stalking every single person we know. Pretty much everyone does this. You are probably lying if you say you don’t. If you don’t, good for you. But it is fun, nobody can deny that. And when there’s two of you, it’s possibly even more fun because then it doesn’t feel as bad. Because there’s two of you. And that makes it acceptable. Generally, photos are the theme of our conversations, in case you couldn’t tell!
  • Sitting in total silence, while typing in a group conversation. This usually comes as a culmination of the stupid things we’ve been posting to each other/other people. A tonight stupid thing was;
    This may be all I have for now, but a lot of comments and personal jokes later = sore throats and teary eyes. It’s probably for the best I don’t talk on the phone that much looking back through this. Hope some of you found this to be similar to your experiences (if not, this is…awkward..) and you enjoyed reading it!

NB: 10 minutes after publishing this, we are sitting chatting on Whatsapp and Facebook simultaneously. It’s addiction.

Top Picks: Miss Selfridge!

Anybody that comes shopping with me knows that I love Miss Selfridge (I’ve seen that word so many times today it’s starting to look ‘wrong’). I’ve been having a cheeky shop recently – there are two stores near me, plus an ‘Outfit’ which has loads of Arcadia brands including Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis and Miss Selfridge. Lots of new items have really been standing out for me recently so I thought I’d put my favourites up here for you guys! I’m not too fond of the accessories section at the moment – there seems to be a lot of crosses, which aren’t really my thing. My style isn’t very out there, I prefer to stick to more classic items, not trends I know will be gone in a flash (I could never cope with printed leggings – sorry!). The link to the website is and all the items are currently on the ‘New In’ section.

Berry Scallop Waist Shorts, £32.00

I actually love these shorts so much, I went out just to buy them for a night out (I’m actually wearing them on my display picture I think!) This deep red-ish colour is my favourite colour to wear – I have naturally really dark hair, tan easily but can go quite pale in the winter. I got these in a size 8 so I could wear them high-waisted to show off the scalloped top. I didn’t really like the belt that they came with originally (it’s darker red in a print that reminds me of snake skin) but after trying several alternatives, I concluded they did look much better with it on. Yeah, I’m totally in love with these and can see myself wearing them all the time – I have a lot of cream tops so this will be perfect with them for the winter. They’re really lightweight and comfortable, perfect for day and night – can you tell I’m obsessed?

Nude Lace Peplum Top, £32.00

I tried on a peplum dress a few months ago and loved it. But I figured tops would be more versatile so I didn’t buy it. However, every top I’ve tried on I haven’t really felt as excited about as the dress. However, I saw this in Miss Selfridge recently and it’s different to anything I’ve seen so far! The nude detail over the black lining really makes it stand out for me (the back is just plain black, only the frill has the nude overlay). I haven’t actually tried this on yet, for fear that it’s going to disappoint me like the other tops I’ve tried, so it may just be one for my wish list. On the picture I’ve posted here, the detail isn’t looking too clear so here is the website link – click here.

Shona Nude Heat Seal Court – £48.00

I love these shoes. But as much as I love heels, I try them on and then decide I will more than likely break my neck walking along the cobbled streets of Liverpool nightlife. I have lost count of the amount of shoes from Miss Selfridge that I have lusted over (particularly this pair of amazing wedges…*sighs*) and then not bought because I know I’m too much of a wimp to brave the pain, or the thought of getting a drink spilled on. These shoes, I may have to make an exception for. 5.5 heel, a nude that looks timeless, and the heat seal gem detail on the platform, and covering the heel. They also stock them in a lighter nude colour with smaller diamante details – spoiled for choice! Need I say more?

Brocade 2 in 1 Dress, £55.00

This dress is a little more expensive than I would like, being an online exclusive. I have been trying to steer clear of buying dresses recently as I seem to wear it once for a night out, then cast it to the back of my wardrobe. However, I love the lace front of this and can just imagine it would be really simple to wear without needing to accessorize (I love my long necklaces). The fact I wouldn’t be able to try it on means I’ll probably try to recreate it with a similar style top – I’ve seen quite a few in Warehouse. But then, maybe I won’t be able to resist.

Stone Frill Front Mac, £65.00

I have coveted a stone coloured mac for years – one of my best mates Lauren had one that was gorgeous – and they are wearable from autumn to spring (or summer too, if you live in the UK). Again, the price tag puts me off, but I need to get into the mindset that coats are worn every day. They are so worth it. The frill collar makes it stand out for me as something a bit unusual, and the flared bottom makes it dressier to be worn when going out for a meal too. If I see this in store, I might just have to bite the bullet and go for it. Miss Selfridge are great for coats as I found out last winter, and I have no doubts that this will last me years. They also have it in Navy, or the Petites range.

I’m going to log off now before my head loses all sanity and I spend my wages before I’ve even been paid. I hope you enjoy looking at these clothes as much as I have, I can’t wait for more A/W stuff to come out now I’ve had a peek at what’s to come!

Infidelity; Why We’re Obsessed.

This post is inspired by my discovery (from where else, the Twitter-sphere) that Kristen Stewart had an affair with 41-year old Rupert Sanders. The married director of Snow White and the Huntsman and its lead actress BOTH cheated on their respective partners, despite a 19 year age gap. Several things about this situation are shocking but the statements released by the pair both refer to their love for their respective partners, and their despair at the hurt the situation has caused. Sanders is married (with two young children) to Liberty Ross, who has been seen in Vogue. And, although the couple are notoriously private, it was confirmed in 2010 that Stewart was dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson – a position coveted by many around the globe. Is the upset the pair claim to be devastated about caused by the actual situation, or just the discovery?

I think it’s probably a weakness of mine to not be able to think of this from the other side. In one respect, I understand the excitement of developing feelings for someone, and getting involved in something new. It’s one of the best rushes in the world. But on the other hand, despite doubts I’ve had with my relationship at times, I have never considered any kind of infidelity as an option. In my mind, the important thing in a relationship is – as well as love – you need commitment and patience.

I’m bad with change. My boyfriend knows that I’ve had issues when the ‘honeymoon period’ is over, and I miss the initial excitement you get when you are first dating – when you get a text, look forward to seeing each other, feeling your feelings change and develop. But once you get through that, I’ve found the relationship can be just as amazing, or even better than before. So maybe this is the reason that some people decide to cheat on a partner, to reclaim this rush?

The two in question were in longer term relationships – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been dating for approximately 3 years, and Rupert Saunders has been married for seven years. But they don’t seem to have expressed doubts about their relationship of any time: in particular, Stewart and Pattinson have been seen expressing their love more publicly recently, and in their statements to the press, both Stewart and Saunders both declared their love for their partners.

If it’s not a question of love, then what? The pressure of not spending enough time together, due to hectic celebrity lifestyle? I suppose that I cannot possibly understand this, but in my head, there can just never be an excuse. Stewart said in her statement; ‘This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him’. Maybe it’s simply to do with the different thought processes of individuals. But for me, cheating is one of the worst ways to disrespect somebody. A betrayal of trust can hurt somebody for a long time, I’ve learned this much. To consider somebody the most important thing in your life, to me, means to think of them in almost everything you do. Maybe for some, this is not the case.

As a society, we gorge ourselves on details of celebrity culture – cheating, new relationships, marriage, divorce. This is scandalous in terms of magazine fodder: Kristen Stewart has been portrayed in the media as quiet, private, even moody, but above all committed to her relationship. We want to be shocked, and these situations fill readers with glee. A popular weekly magazine features a column about a real life affair: this is popular with the readers, both shocked and appalled, as well as egging the woman on.

But maybe it’s simply nobody’s business: why publicly apologise  for an affair when the only person you should be apologising to is the person you cheated on? No matter which way you look at it, this is a situation to be played out between the people involved. I can judge all I want, as personally I could never forgive cheating. Then, celebrity lifestyles seem to be a type of ‘hyper reality’ where everything that they experience is exaggerated – they feel invincible and nobody will ever say no to their demands. Any devastation caused in this situation rests entirely with them, and finally being held accountable may make them feel very human again. Maybe the media scrutiny will bring back their consideration of others feelings. But then, that could be me just making judgmental assumptions again.

21: Key to the Door.

For the past couple of months, I’ve started to think about my birthday. While a lot of my friends have just turned 19, my 21st is in November – that makes it 4 months (and 5 days to be precise) before I become a ‘real’ adult. It feels scary that at this age, my mum was married and expecting me. I still feel like a baby. I live at home, I’ve worked in the same place since I was 18, I don’t particularly enjoy the university experience, and it feels like a lot of the best memories I have are all from when I was 16-18. So I figured it’s time to make new memories. I’ve done a lot in the past year that I’ve wanted to achieve, but there’s still things missing. With my 21st as a deadline, this is my ‘bucket list’ of things to do while I’m still a kid (and therefore, may potentially avoid taking full responsibility). Some I’ve done, lots still to tick.

  1. Start writing a book. I know this is a typical listing on most people’s lists of things to do. But I wanted to be a writer when I was little, and since then I’ve just not really had any ideas. I wish inspiration would just strike, but it’s harder than that. One of the reasons I started this blog was to get ideas, as well as writing experience that could help me get where I’d love to be. So maybe I’ll finally get to start!
  2. Go out wearing a ridiculously skimpy outfit. This sounds like a weird thing to put on things I want to do, not look back in hideous regret, but I hate wearing heels (paiiiin is not worth it!), freeze to death without tights and don’t really own any cleavage bearing tops. But while I’m young, I’m going to do it at least once, just because I can. As self-conscious as I feel now, maybe one day I’ll look back and wish I had while I could have just got away with it. I think this is going to be one of the harder things on the list for me.
  3. Experience a drug and never go back. This is on here, not because I particularly want to, but because it’s one of those things that only seems to be acceptable alongside an ‘I was young and experimenting’ excuse. But I went to Amsterdam for a couple of days, so space cakes lead to this one getting a tick. (Disclaimer; I am not promoting the use of illegal drugs in any way). Also, the hot chocolate in this picture is the nicest I’ve EVER tasted (Hill Street Blues in De Wallen in case you ever go).
  4. Take a road trip. I’ve been driving for just over 2 years and haven’t yet been too far from where I live! I’m hoping to drive to Wales over the summer though, so that should be pretty simple! I’ll just have to try to trust my car to not die on the way, it seems to get very noisy after I’ve been driving for a while…
  5. Give blood. This is another that I’ve been too wimpy to do. But I should man up and get over it – I don’t even know my blood type, so must have never even had a blood test! I’m determined to bite the bullet and get on with it though, it’s for a good cause.
  6. Go on holiday with friends. This one I’ll have done several times by my birthday. I went to Amsterdam last December, and also went to Lanzarote with my boyfriend in June. Amsterdam was a lovely city, but I think a couple of days there is enough – it’s quite expensive. Lanzarote was really good, I’ve never been on an all-inclusive holiday before and it was amazing just to relax and spend time together. I’m also going to Poland for a few days in October with a few friends from work, including my boyfriend. We’re planning to visit Auschwitz and the markets, so I’m really looking forward to it.
  7. Go to London. I really wanted to do this for years, and I’m really happy I’ve been now. One of my closest friends from school goes to drama school there, so I stayed with her last winter, and also went with my boyfriend for my 20th birthday. I’m hoping to go down again soon, but it’s really expensive at the moment (what with the Olympics and stuff) so I might have to wait a few months.
  8. Take up a sport and keep at it. I did ballet until I was 18, and I’ve missed keeping fit since I’ve stopped. I want to take up something lower impact like yoga/Pilates, and maybe something higher as well. I want to run, but I’ve always been awful at it – my stamina is awful, and I’m slow. So I’ll have to start a class so I have the motivation to carry on.
  9. Find a  goal for my life. For a couple of years, I’ve been really stressing myself with where I’m going, what I want to do etc. I don’t enjoy university, but I find it really hard to figure out what I’m interested in/enjoy enough to do! I’ve done every careers test going, and am coming to the conclusion that I may not be cut out with a traditional area. So I have to find myself a niche, and quickly.
  10. Finally – don’t take life too seriously. Stop getting frustrated by the little things. Focus less on work and study, and treat it as a rewarding experience. Challenge myself but keep perspective. Remember that I’m lucky to be educated, have an amazing boyfriend, friends that make me laugh and family around me. Enjoy being young and don’t worry because I don’t have to yet.

My Top 5 Picks – Utility.

If you haven’t discovered Utility yet, I advise you to get down there now. It only has 4 stores in the U.K so far but as it was founded in Liverpool, we are lucky enough to have 3 of the stores right on our doorsteps! It mainly sells smaller items in two stores: there loads of cards, cushions, photo frames, and gadgets that will make you smile – it’s perfect for birthday gifts! You’ll find one of these stores on Bold Street, and the other in Liverpool One (opposite John Lewis). However, there is also an amazing home-ware store on Bold Street that sells kitchen utensils and furniture. It’s unique and I don’t know anybody that hasn’t fallen in love when they’ve walked in! It’s one of my favourite places to mooch around and see what they have in: there’s always something new and cool! The website is here for anybody that would like to take a look – these are my top five items that are featured on the website at the moment, just to give you a better idea of what kind of stuff is around.

PIP STUDIO Teapot – Pink

This catches my eye every time I go into the shop, but I could never justify buying it just to have as decoration in my room. It is beautiful and girly though (it also comes in blue) AND the best part is it’s currently on sale online for £31.99. It reminds me of Cath Kidson style items, and I think if I had my own place I wouldn’t be able to resist snapping this up. For anybody that is as in love as me, the link is this.

Rotary Tealight Holder – Fairy

I got one of these for my birthday and I love this! I think they sell these in quite a few places now, but Utility have one of the biggest selections I’ve found. Basically, you light the tealight that comes with the holder and when the flame catches, the fairies spin around. It’s really cute but if fairies aren’t for you, they have so many different types: I have an owl one. There’s also a carousel style one with coloured horses, cakes, trees, flowers, hearts and even Moomins! A cute addition to any bedroom. They’re £8.99 – click.

Patchwork Liverpool Print

I love all of these style prints – I picked Liverpool to show you guys because this skyline is most recognizable to me. Again, there are loads of different ones, mainly of Liverpool and London. There are also individual landmarks as well as skylines: I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before and what a way to show hometown pride. They’re £22.99 which a bit pricey for us students, but check them out here.

Crumpled City Maps

This is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in the shop by far. Rather than regular city maps that rip and tear easily, Utility has stocked maps of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Rome in a material I haven’t experienced before. It’s incredibly light and can be crumpled and casually thrown into a backpack without ruining it. It contains an index of key landmarks, and is designed to be incredibly useful, despite factors such as wind and rain. I would definitely get one if I was going on a trip, and when I returned home, it would make a pretty good tablecloth also! If you like to travel, this is definitely an amazing buy for you. £10.00

Pen Pen Holder

I just love this. The grooves look amazing and it’s just really different. They also have biro lid style holders, but I prefer the crumpled look as something a bit more unique. The only downfall with this is the price. £12.95 is pretty steep for a pen holder, despite the fact they are pretty big. Again, a luxury I would treat myself to if I had some spare money, rather than an absolute necessity – but it would tidy up my desk no end! Find it here.

If you loved these things as much as I do, then get down to Utility for the some of the best home and design pieces in Liverpool!

Hope you enjoyed this post! A bit different to my beauty post, but I’m hoping to get to another of those next!