My Top 5 Picks – Utility.

If you haven’t discovered Utility yet, I advise you to get down there now. It only has 4 stores in the U.K so far but as it was founded in Liverpool, we are lucky enough to have 3 of the stores right on our doorsteps! It mainly sells smaller items in two stores: there loads of cards, cushions, photo frames, and gadgets that will make you smile – it’s perfect for birthday gifts! You’ll find one of these stores on Bold Street, and the other in Liverpool One (opposite John Lewis). However, there is also an amazing home-ware store on Bold Street that sells kitchen utensils and furniture. It’s unique and I don’t know anybody that hasn’t fallen in love when they’ve walked in! It’s one of my favourite places to mooch around and see what they have in: there’s always something new and cool! The website is here for anybody that would like to take a look – these are my top five items that are featured on the website at the moment, just to give you a better idea of what kind of stuff is around.

PIP STUDIO Teapot – Pink

This catches my eye every time I go into the shop, but I could never justify buying it just to have as decoration in my room. It is beautiful and girly though (it also comes in blue) AND the best part is it’s currently on sale online for £31.99. It reminds me of Cath Kidson style items, and I think if I had my own place I wouldn’t be able to resist snapping this up. For anybody that is as in love as me, the link is this.

Rotary Tealight Holder – Fairy

I got one of these for my birthday and I love this! I think they sell these in quite a few places now, but Utility have one of the biggest selections I’ve found. Basically, you light the tealight that comes with the holder and when the flame catches, the fairies spin around. It’s really cute but if fairies aren’t for you, they have so many different types: I have an owl one. There’s also a carousel style one with coloured horses, cakes, trees, flowers, hearts and even Moomins! A cute addition to any bedroom. They’re £8.99 – click.

Patchwork Liverpool Print

I love all of these style prints – I picked Liverpool to show you guys because this skyline is most recognizable to me. Again, there are loads of different ones, mainly of Liverpool and London. There are also individual landmarks as well as skylines: I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before and what a way to show hometown pride. They’re £22.99 which a bit pricey for us students, but check them out here.

Crumpled City Maps

This is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in the shop by far. Rather than regular city maps that rip and tear easily, Utility has stocked maps of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York, Paris and Rome in a material I haven’t experienced before. It’s incredibly light and can be crumpled and casually thrown into a backpack without ruining it. It contains an index of key landmarks, and is designed to be incredibly useful, despite factors such as wind and rain. I would definitely get one if I was going on a trip, and when I returned home, it would make a pretty good tablecloth also! If you like to travel, this is definitely an amazing buy for you. £10.00

Pen Pen Holder

I just love this. The grooves look amazing and it’s just really different. They also have biro lid style holders, but I prefer the crumpled look as something a bit more unique. The only downfall with this is the price. £12.95 is pretty steep for a pen holder, despite the fact they are pretty big. Again, a luxury I would treat myself to if I had some spare money, rather than an absolute necessity – but it would tidy up my desk no end! Find it here.

If you loved these things as much as I do, then get down to Utility for the some of the best home and design pieces in Liverpool!

Hope you enjoyed this post! A bit different to my beauty post, but I’m hoping to get to another of those next! 


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