What’s in my Make-Up Bag!

So, I thought I’d do something simple for my first proper post! I’ve seen a lot of these kind of things on YouTube, but as there’s no way I could talk to a camera for 10 minutes without coming across as a stammering fool, I thought I’d try it on here. I don’t wear that much make-up day-to-day, so it’s quite minimal.

Benefit – the POREfessional Primer.

I don’t really tend to use foundation on a daily basis: it seems like no matter how much prep I do to my skin beforehand, I never seem to like the effect or feeling of wearing loads of make up. So, for everyday wear, I really love this stuff. I’ve almost used up the whole tube now, but it’s lasted absolutely ages with me using it pretty much every day so it’s definitely worth it. For £23.50, you get a really soft feeling finish and it’s great for removing shine from the skin.

Benefit – Erase Paste (No.2 medium)

I have to be honest, I was never a really big fan of this – it came in a set with the POREfessional and the Girl Meets Pearl, and it was always a bit too dark for my skin. However, since I’ve been away on holiday I finally have a bit of a tan, so it’s great for covering up dark shadows and slight blemishes.

Benefit – Benetint

This is the first product that Benefit ever released, and definitely one of their best. Just a couple of strokes on the apple of your cheek gives you a beautiful rosy flush that lasts a really long time. I also use this as a lip tint, as glosses and lipsticks just get on my nerves no end, and it lasts for a good few hours.

Benefit – Girl Meets Pearl

This was the final item I got in the set, and I use this pretty much every day as well. I smear it on my cheekbones, and also just a tiny dab on my temples and it gives a really amazing glow that lots of people seem to comment on when I wear it. It has a really gorgeous shimmer to it and feels gorgeous to put on.

YSL – Touche Eclat (No.2)

I’ve been a massive fan of this for a while now: my mum actually brought it back for me and my sister from a Duty Free and it lives up to the hype in my opinion. I’ve neglected it a bit at the moment as I’ve been giving the Benefit stuff a go, but I really love this as a concealer as well as highlighter. Usually when I’d apply it, I’d put a little down the bridge of my nose, under my eyebrows and along my cheekbones. I’ve also found that putting a little around your lips really makes them stand out.

Maybelline – Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black

I am literally obsessed with this. I’ve been using pencil eyeliner for years and they smudge so bad, and usually come off within a couple of hours. This stays on perfectly and its pretty easy to get a good line. I’ve had it since October last year, used it every single day and it has barely gone down. Bargain and amazing buy.

Clarins – Instant definition Mascara

I’ve started using this recently; it came as a small sample size in a big gift bag I got. It seems like it would be quite clumpy when I first took it out, but it actually looks really good on and my eyelashes look mega long! The only thing that I dislike is the brush is quite small so often I have to rotate it to get both sides of my lashes – but this could be because of the sample size!

Clarins – Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

This is also a sample size product that I got from the same gift bag. I use this when I’m going out, and it really gives my lips a lovely shine. It doesn’t feel too heavy and does look lovely and natural. I think if I was going to get it again, I might try a different shade, as this is a bit light for me. But overall, another great buy, and it smells gorgeous.


So that’s it for my first entry! Hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll be back with another soon!


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