Things you do whilst on the phone to your best mates.

Recently, I’ve begun to notice a pattern in my phone calls. Using today’s as an example, it usually begins with a dilemma that involves the need to dissect the situation and attempt to come up with a solution. Next, I will do my (possibly misguided, being quite a brutally honest person) attempt to make whoever I’m speaking to feel better. This normally ends up with them feeling 50 times worse than they originally did (aka calling them a home-wrecker – sorry Charl). After the original dilemma has passed, anything goes. Some examples of the madness we can descend into are;

  • Watching ridiculous YouTube videos and crying with laughter. Try nuttymadam3537‘s YouTube channel for an idea of the hilarity we are talking about. Unless you’re into watching trailers and sobbing your heart out. In which case, you will also love this.
  • Posting/tagging old photos of each other on social networking sites. Anything found on MySpace will do here. It must be at least 2 years old where you have an awful haircut/are pulling a ludicrous facial expression. Or videos. Videos are even better. Particularly old immature pranks that we found hilarious at the time (again, Charl, I’m terribly sorry about ruining your lunchtime with a condom 😦 ). Well, I say at the time, the memory still brings tears to my eyes. As it wont let me post the video up here, here are a couple of photos.

    Looking like I have Voldemort in the back of my head.

Charl Denouncing Hitler..


  • Stalking every single person we know. Pretty much everyone does this. You are probably lying if you say you don’t. If you don’t, good for you. But it is fun, nobody can deny that. And when there’s two of you, it’s possibly even more fun because then it doesn’t feel as bad. Because there’s two of you. And that makes it acceptable. Generally, photos are the theme of our conversations, in case you couldn’t tell!
  • Sitting in total silence, while typing in a group conversation. This usually comes as a culmination of the stupid things we’ve been posting to each other/other people. A tonight stupid thing was;
    This may be all I have for now, but a lot of comments and personal jokes later = sore throats and teary eyes. It’s probably for the best I don’t talk on the phone that much looking back through this. Hope some of you found this to be similar to your experiences (if not, this is…awkward..) and you enjoyed reading it!

NB: 10 minutes after publishing this, we are sitting chatting on Whatsapp and Facebook simultaneously. It’s addiction.


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