Top Picks: Miss Selfridge!

Anybody that comes shopping with me knows that I love Miss Selfridge (I’ve seen that word so many times today it’s starting to look ‘wrong’). I’ve been having a cheeky shop recently – there are two stores near me, plus an ‘Outfit’ which has loads of Arcadia brands including Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis and Miss Selfridge. Lots of new items have really been standing out for me recently so I thought I’d put my favourites up here for you guys! I’m not too fond of the accessories section at the moment – there seems to be a lot of crosses, which aren’t really my thing. My style isn’t very out there, I prefer to stick to more classic items, not trends I know will be gone in a flash (I could never cope with printed leggings – sorry!). The link to the website is and all the items are currently on the ‘New In’ section.

Berry Scallop Waist Shorts, £32.00

I actually love these shorts so much, I went out just to buy them for a night out (I’m actually wearing them on my display picture I think!) This deep red-ish colour is my favourite colour to wear – I have naturally really dark hair, tan easily but can go quite pale in the winter. I got these in a size 8 so I could wear them high-waisted to show off the scalloped top. I didn’t really like the belt that they came with originally (it’s darker red in a print that reminds me of snake skin) but after trying several alternatives, I concluded they did look much better with it on. Yeah, I’m totally in love with these and can see myself wearing them all the time – I have a lot of cream tops so this will be perfect with them for the winter. They’re really lightweight and comfortable, perfect for day and night – can you tell I’m obsessed?

Nude Lace Peplum Top, £32.00

I tried on a peplum dress a few months ago and loved it. But I figured tops would be more versatile so I didn’t buy it. However, every top I’ve tried on I haven’t really felt as excited about as the dress. However, I saw this in Miss Selfridge recently and it’s different to anything I’ve seen so far! The nude detail over the black lining really makes it stand out for me (the back is just plain black, only the frill has the nude overlay). I haven’t actually tried this on yet, for fear that it’s going to disappoint me like the other tops I’ve tried, so it may just be one for my wish list. On the picture I’ve posted here, the detail isn’t looking too clear so here is the website link – click here.

Shona Nude Heat Seal Court – £48.00

I love these shoes. But as much as I love heels, I try them on and then decide I will more than likely break my neck walking along the cobbled streets of Liverpool nightlife. I have lost count of the amount of shoes from Miss Selfridge that I have lusted over (particularly this pair of amazing wedges…*sighs*) and then not bought because I know I’m too much of a wimp to brave the pain, or the thought of getting a drink spilled on. These shoes, I may have to make an exception for. 5.5 heel, a nude that looks timeless, and the heat seal gem detail on the platform, and covering the heel. They also stock them in a lighter nude colour with smaller diamante details – spoiled for choice! Need I say more?

Brocade 2 in 1 Dress, £55.00

This dress is a little more expensive than I would like, being an online exclusive. I have been trying to steer clear of buying dresses recently as I seem to wear it once for a night out, then cast it to the back of my wardrobe. However, I love the lace front of this and can just imagine it would be really simple to wear without needing to accessorize (I love my long necklaces). The fact I wouldn’t be able to try it on means I’ll probably try to recreate it with a similar style top – I’ve seen quite a few in Warehouse. But then, maybe I won’t be able to resist.

Stone Frill Front Mac, £65.00

I have coveted a stone coloured mac for years – one of my best mates Lauren had one that was gorgeous – and they are wearable from autumn to spring (or summer too, if you live in the UK). Again, the price tag puts me off, but I need to get into the mindset that coats are worn every day. They are so worth it. The frill collar makes it stand out for me as something a bit unusual, and the flared bottom makes it dressier to be worn when going out for a meal too. If I see this in store, I might just have to bite the bullet and go for it. Miss Selfridge are great for coats as I found out last winter, and I have no doubts that this will last me years. They also have it in Navy, or the Petites range.

I’m going to log off now before my head loses all sanity and I spend my wages before I’ve even been paid. I hope you enjoy looking at these clothes as much as I have, I can’t wait for more A/W stuff to come out now I’ve had a peek at what’s to come!


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