My ASOS Favourites!

I’ve decided that I really should make the most of my ASOS Premier – I’ve only ordered like twice since I’ve got it! But I’ve had a bit of a look recently, and I’m really happy with a lot of the stuff I’ve found! Bearing in mind I like things that suit me and are classic enough to wear anytime, here are some of the things I love most from ASOS! I’ve got all the photos from the ASOS website, so source credit to them for this.

A Wear Skater Skirt, £20.00

Starting simple, this skirt is a steal at £20! I think it could really be dressed up nicely – as shown in the picture with heels – or worn in the day with tights and a simple top. I’d be buying this in an instant if I had a job that required me to dress smartly (i.e not a uniform) – I’m holding off a little until then but I love this style skirt. It’s versatility is what’s brilliant about this: it could be worn high-waisted with a cute white shirt (ohh, the more I think about it, the more I really want it!), or on the hips so it’s a little longer. Definitely going to snap this up before the summer is out.

ASOS VITA Flatform Ankle Boots, £55.00

I’ve been dying for some new ankle boots for a while, but summer meant that there hasn’t really been that many options (or need to wear them at all!). I also need to invest in some more heels I am actually comfortable wearing  – rather than just gazing at how pretty they are, then giving up on actually attempting to walk in them. These seem like a perfect compromise. They’re versatile, I really like the fact they lace up – it gives them quite a casual feel – and hopefully easy enough to walk in that I could wear them up to uni in the winter. The only issue for me is that they’re quite expensive to buy without being able to try them out first. Although I suppose that’s what my free returns are for!

Little Mistress Embellished Empire Halter Dress, £55.00

Words cannot describe how much I am in love with this dress. Ohhh my god, the colours are just gorgeous (especially while I still have a hint of holiday tan). The halter neck is tied with a lovely silky bow at the back. I love how it shows off a bit of back (probably one of my favourite parts of myself). The white section seems like it would support your boobs well and the jewel detail sets the whole thing off. I think if I could miraculously spare the money to spend on this, I would go for it. Despite probably getting nowhere near as much wear out of it as anything else. It’s just beautiful. Can’t even express anything other than my love for this. The link is here in case you actually want a bit of useful information about it.

Vila Exclusive Oversized Slouchy Knit Jumper, £20.00

Wow. I’ve literally only realised as I put in the caption here that this jumper is £20! Excuse me while I go buy it…no joke. I’m definitely picking it up right after this is published. It reminds me of something you’d find in Topshop for about twice the price! This also comes in a dark grey colour which is pretty nice, but I am obsessed with dark reds/burgundy at the moment (see my Miss Selfridge blog!) so I’m definitely doing for this one. Seems like the perfect winter wear with jeans (plus the flatform ankle boots I’m thinking). I’m not sure if this will flatter me particularly (small waist, DD and biggggg hips) but for £20, this is perfect for lazy days in and lounging around when its cold. As I’ve written this, it’s sold out in a size XS (8) so I’m rushing to claim the small before it goes too! Seems I’m not the only one with an eye for a bargain.

Pauric By Pauric Sweeney Atlantic Duffle Bag, £440

The most upsetting thing about this final post is that I know I’m never going to own this bag. I can imagine now how soft it would be and how much I’d adore it. But a months pay will never be spent on this *sob*. I don’t even have the guts to take it out of my student loan. But ASOS – this is perfection. I pray for a sale. A mega mega sale. But I hope you all love looking at it as much as I did –

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your take on the items, or the things that you loved from the website! I’ll be back with some make up posts soon – today I received my Benefit set (that gal, sunbeam and porefessional) as well as an Illamasqua eyeshadow – again from ASOS. So expect some beauty reviews soon!


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