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Positivity: Unlock Your Potential.

This blog has been an escape for me so far. A way to delve into beauty, humor and the pretty parts of life, to forget about the things that I’m maybe not as happy with. But I have some important things I want to get off my mind today.

For this piece, I have an appropriate soundtrack. You may or may not be surprised to know that I’m a classical music fan, as well as chart/rock/pop/indie//whatever else. A friend sent me this while I’ve been revising, and it kinda reminds me of a film. It’s a piano piece, and makes me relax. Press play:
I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi

 I’ve acquired this book from my mother;

Source Credit to

She bought it for me just after I first started uni. I was depressed (as in bawling every single night, not just a little sad). This book says that what you attract to you is what you give off. So, if you’re negative, you’ll get negative things coming back to you. For  example, I spend most days in a place that hardly anybody wants to be, the atmosphere sucks and people are rarely cheerful when we’re there. All the bad ‘vibes’ (for lack of a less cringey word) join together and make everybody else miserable. And the cycle continues.

I’m not sure how much I believe in something like this, but it never hurts to be more positive. I want good things to come to me – new opportunities. And maybe they haven’t yet because I haven’t been giving off the right attitude to the world. I used to live in the past, still do to some extent. But also, didn’t realise that recently I have locked away a lot of good memories. They’ve started to fade, or be replaced by negatives. And this can’t be good for anyone.

NEW START: Letting the things I’m grateful for override the things I wish were better.


Top Picks: Warehouse!

I’ve been wanting to do a clothes post for a while now! Buttt I’m down to my last £10 of the month, so I’m going to revert to my old faithful of new season favourites. This time it’s Warehouse: I don’t really buy from there much as I do feel it’s aimed at ‘professional’ women. Looking back over my choices, it does actually have a really smart theme so maybe I’m already in the ‘back to uni/college/work’ mind frame after summer. I’m loving this stuff though so this is my top 5! 

Faux Leather Stitch Detail Biker Jacket – £58

Everybody who knows me is aware that I’ve wanted a leather jacket for a long time now. But I’m ridiculously picky, and I’ve always managed to find something wrong with the ones I’ve seen! This one is looking like a good contender to finally get purchased, so it’s down to the shops on payday to try this one on!

 Mini Jacquard Blazer – £70

I love blazers. For anybody looking for something a little different to wear – for school, job interviews or work – this could be it. I love wearing smart things, but don’t really have an opportunity too. But this year is where I have to start applying for grad schemes and ‘real world jobs’ (insert scared face here) so I’m looking for something smart, but that will also look stylish and stand out. Could be onto a winner here. Plus it comes with matching shorts, eep!

Cutwork Peplum Top – £40

I know I had a peplum top in my last fashion favourites video, but I think this one may trump it! I like how versatile this one could be, and also how the cut out section at the top is made of lace (I’ve seen a lot made out of a faux leather material that I don’t think I’d really like to feel on a top). The product description says it has a low V back and zip, but there isn’t a back view to see. It’s turning out to be an expensive payday list so far…

Jacquard Panel Frill Hem Dress – £48

This is probably the only thing in my favourites I love but have absolutely no occasion to wear it, so it wouldn’t be worth buying for me personally. The grey detail down the sides is really slimming, and I do think it would add curves, or flatter an already curvy figure. The only thing I’m not sure on is the frill at the bottom. If I had an office job however, I probably would be snapping this up.

Metal Trim Day Bag – £86.

I always seem to end these posts with a beautiful bag I cannot afford. This is gorgeous. I want this on my arm. I think I’d probably use the long strap if it was relatively short (if that makes any sense to you). I like bags that have zip pockets on the front, so you don’t have to root around alllll your stuff to find a lip balm. Need this in my life, maybe one for the birthday wishlist!

Hope you enjoyed this relatively work/smart like post! Do you have any favourites from Warehouse you’d like to share!? Or if anybody has seen a similar bag for less than this, I would LOVE to know. See you next time! x

Pet Peeves of Cinema Employees.

I’ve now worked for an undisclosed large cinema chain for almost three years. And while there are perks to the job, there are also a lot of things that now irritate me beyond belief. You learn to hate a LOT of things you never even considered relevant to your life before. Here are the best of the worst:

1. Complaining about prices. Okay. You have a five minute rant about how much you’re getting ripped off. You tell me ‘I know it’s not your fault’ – SO WHY ARE YOU SAYING THIS TO ME!?!? I KNOW how much things cost.I know it’s a rip off. I don’t buy food from there often, for precisely that reason. Don’t shout all this at me, then decide that actually, you will have four drinks, some popcorn – and why not throw in some chocolates in there too? Please realise that if it was up to me, I would not charge £3.50 for a packet of Chocolate Buttons.

2. ‘Is the film good?’ This is a love-hate question. If I enjoyed the film, I will probably go all fangirl and talk about how I loved it, and I really hope they’d enjoy it too. If I hated it, then it’s going to be a little awkward. Especially if it’s the biggest comedy film of the year (*cough* Ted *ahem*) and everybody else loves it. I’m not going to take responsibility for your preconceptions.

3. Orange Wednesday. If you are guilty of doing any of these things, know that you are probably being mentally cursed by your cashier.
A). ‘Two for Orange Wednesday please.’ — well you’ll be standing there for a long time while I try to read your mind and discover what film you’re watching.
B). Complain that there are only front seats left when you’ve turned up 10 minutes late to the new film out.
C). “27389122″ — Again. What am I supposed to do with this?

4. Children. This may be specific to the area that I work in. It’s wonderful when you get a little guy with a bowl haircut that holds open the door for you. However, 95% of the time, they are little shits that cry, demand food off their frazzled looking parents, or run in and set off the fire alarm (or do it after being thrown out of a screen for throwing sweets and talking incessantly).

5. Mess. Do you drop food all over your own house? Do you throw it, smear it, trample it at home!? Well, I have to clean up after you in 10 minutes. And I don’t mind sweeping up the odd sweet wrapper or picking up your boxes. But when you pay the best part of £5 for a large popcorn, WHY would you throw it over a whole row? You clearly don’t understand how hard it is to brush popcorn off carpet.

6.  People who think they’re better than you. I’m at university. This is a part time job. Please don’t speak to me like I’m a two year old. If you read the film times wrong, that is not my problem. You’re the only person that thought it was on then. But no – the website is wrong. Not you. Oh no. Never you.

7. Hygiene. On a similar note; there are baby changing facilities in the male and female toilets. There is NO excuse for dirty nappies in screens. I’m sure you dislike your babies shit. What makes you think I want to deal with it?! This also goes to the (several) people that have pooed in screens. I’m sure the film is not that exciting that you have to excavate your bowls on the floor (or in the cup holder, which I will NEVER understand). And to the person who left a used tampon swinging from the toilet roll dispenser in the toilet. That took you more time than putting it into the bin. And you probably gave someone AIDS from that. Go die.

8. People that don’t know what they want. But insist on standing on the queue anyway. Then ignore you when you shout ‘next’. Just check out the menu boards. Even ask us if you’re confused about the deals. But don’t just stand, giggle and take forever standing thinking at the till, when you had 10 minutes waiting before you got here. FURTHERMORE, it’s not hard to ask for a ticket. Film and ticket type. Two simple things. That doesn’t warrant whispering, pushing and ‘you go first’ – yes pre-teen girls, I’m looking at you.

9. Complaints. If you complain to the manager about us, they will agree to your face. Then laugh and agree what a dickhead you are the moment you leave. Unless we’re genuinely being unreasonable. Which is not often. Usually, it’s you.

10. Diet Coke. You order a large coke, popcorn and hotdog. But wait – ‘I’d better get Diet’. Really? At this point, is diet going to make that much difference?

11. Problems.  If there was a problem with your screen, tell me five minutes after the film doesn’t start. Not half an hour later. What have you been doing all that time!? Secondly, if there were kids talking/kicking/throwing things for the entire film, come out when they start! I know it’s embarrassing and you don’t want to miss the film/be annoying. But I’d rather kick them out now (I can deal with ten year olds telling me to go fuck myself), than have you moan to me about it when it’s too late.

12. Underage Kids. You are 12. You are not 15. I’m not stupid. Please just watch The Smurfs. You ain’t getting into everything else. This is 10 times worse if they’re with their parents. No, it doesn’t matter if they’re with you. It’s the law. Nope, I’m not going to change my mind. And they probably won’t let you in another cinema either. Oh, you’re going anyway. Okay. Have fun watching the Smurfs there.

This is all I have for now, although I’m sure there’s many more that I haven’t remembered! Hope this has given you a good laugh (I’m sure I would find it funny if I didn’t deal with them so often)! See you next time 🙂

Beauty Reviews: No7, The Body Shop and Montagne Jeunesse.

I haven’t had enough money to buy much recently! So this post is a little collection of things I wanted to share, but didn’t really feel that there was enough for me to do a separate post on each!

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover: £8.50 

I tried this eye make-up remover once (read: found in the bathroom belonging to my sister and ‘borrowed’ it) and was pretty impressed by how easily it took off the make up! So I decided to buy it for myself. I will admit that (despite wearing eye make up every day) I’ve never had one of these before, and you get quite a lot in the bottle for the price! Although this removes pretty much all my eyeliner/shadow/mascara in one go, it leaves the area around your eyes quite oily. I’m guessing this is to be expected to some degree, but it is a bit more so than I would like! However I do use it every day, and I just use a damp cotton wool pad to rid my face of the residue after.

Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Mask: £1

So I haven’t actually used this. Buttt, I got the ‘Green Tea Peel Off’ Mask from the same people (just didn’t want to put a mingy half used picture on here!) and loved it! It made my skin feel really tight and fresh afterwards. So I’m hoping this is going to make me as happy as that one did, although it is a cream mask. The Green Tea one had ginger and lemon for reviving skin, while this has cocoa for moisturizing and cleansing. Yeah, mega excited to use! On the website these are £1.09, but they sell them in Asda, Boots etc for £1 so get down there!


Finally, I went to The Body Shop on Wednesday. And they had half price body butters. So I bought one in Strawberry;

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter: £6.50!!

It feels gorgeous, totally standard amazing quality from The Body Shop! But it also smells like Angel Delight, with a bit of Calpol thrown in. So it’s just heavenly to me. So I took this to the till, where the very lovely sales assistant told me, because I had a rewards card, I could also get the matching scrub thrown in for half price too! This has actual strawberry seeds in it: they were apparently bought from a factory making seedless jam on the verge of going bust, therefore saving it. So I got the Body Butter AND Scrub for a total of £9.50 (with the rewards card 10% off), when they would have came to over £20 originally. Safe to say, I was incredibly happy!

Hope you enjoyed reading this very random little post! 

Review: The Hub – Alehouse & Kitchen

Source Credit to the Hub Website

Only recently have I discovered this gem of a restaurant and it’s fast becoming one of my new favourite places in the city. It’s a more high end pub owned by the Bistro Qui? Ltd (many of you will have walked past Bistro Jaques: Hardman Street of the same owners) and is situated in the Casartelli building at the end of Hanover Street (around the corner from John Lewis at Liverpool ONE). The gorgeous interior makes it something a little bit different, with exposed pipes and copper pans hanging from the ceiling: it’s the perfect combination of buzzing restaurant without the prices that will make you weep.

Source Credit to the Hub Website

I’ve visited twice now – once for lunch, once for dinner – and feel it’s now my job to spread the word! It also opens for breakfast which I am very tempted to try out soon! The menu’s are varied: the lunch and dinner menus both consist of mains, lite bites/starters, pizza, cheese boards and desserts; plus there is also a children’s menu available. When I visited for lunch, it was pretty quiet and service was rapid. I ordered ‘Stuffed Potato Skins, Cheese and Bacon’ from the ‘Lite Bites’ menu (all dishes under £5, and they feature offers such as 3 dishes for £10.95). Lite bites suggests that portions will be small (especially for the price) but when they arrived – with side orders of chips and crusty bread – my friend and I were pleasantly surprised:
Safe to say, we were completely full by the time we had finished eating, and the food was excellent. The Lunch Menu also features sandwiches, pizza and a selection of mains also available in the evening. The interior of the restaurant and the friendly staff meant that the atmosphere was amazing, even at a quiet time, and the bill came to less than £10 each!

So by now, I wanted to see how dinner compared to that tasty lunch! This time, we went on a Friday evening and the place was packed out with people enjoying some after work nibbles, or having a few drinks before hitting the town. A slight hitch to the start of proceedings was handled smoothly – they hadn’t made a note of our telephone booking. However, by the time we’d ordered drinks from the crowded bar, our table was ready and the staff were apologetic.

Between us, we ordered: 2x 8oz Steak Burger (served with bacon, cheddar cheese, chips and ‘hub-slaw’, 8oz ‘Conway Valley’ Fillet Steak (with chips, tomato and field mushroom) and Salmon (with saffron rice). The food arrived without too much of a delay, given how full the restaurant was, and the burger was really lovely. I’d never had a steak burger before – and you weren’t offered a preference of how it was cooked – but I found mine was just right at medium-well done. I don’t have a picture to show you guys, but it arrived on a massive plate with a side salad and chips. The salmon was enjoyed (although he wished he’d got the burger in hindsight) but the steak probably could be improved. For £18.95, it’s the most expensive main on the menu, but it was pretty small and only came with a couple of chips and two tomatoes. Although it was great quality, a little bit more quantity probably would have been more filling for an evening meal. New drinks were offered frequently, but even with the three I was with all drinking cocktails and whiskey (booo to being designated driver, sitting left out with my cokes ! ), the total bill came to £95 between us for food for four, plus all our drinks.

Source Credit to the Hub Website

Maybe not somewhere to visit frequently when you’re running low on money, but if you’re in need of a little treat or celebration I would urge you to get down to The Hub. It’s perfect for birthday drinks (especially if you visit in Happy Hour: 5-6.30 where you get 2 cocktails for £8, or 2 jugs for £25) or a family meal. Full of 20-somethings getting ready to forget about work for the weekend, The Hub is one of my new favourite places to eat in Liverpool City Centre.

The Hub: Alehouse & Kitchen can be found at 16 Hanover Street.
Call 0151 709 2401 to book a table or visit

Daytime TV Addiction.

Students obsession with daytime television is almost notorious, but I had never really had much interest until the month before my exams started. The week lectures ended was glorious; namely because for somebody living at home like me, it means that the daily hour-long journey to uni is over until September again! While the dedicated post pictures on Facebook of the queues for the library or complain about taking an hour to find a seat, I can sprawl out in the comfort of home and start getting down to exam revision without the stress of fighting the crowds for the best spot in the ‘Silent Zone’.

Smug as I felt when I attempted to collect together all my notes, it was short lived. The progression from music on my laptop (the distraction of online shopping proved too much) to relying on the TV for background noise proved fatal in terms of my concentration. For I had stumbled upon the gems of daytime entertainment – namely shows such as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Judge Judy and repeats of Dragons Den. Now, it has to be said that almost everybody watches these shows when they stumble across them channel-hopping; ‘it’ll be a laugh, why not?’ Well, before long, waking up at 9am to ‘get some real work done today’ actually lead to me creating a schedule of entertainment that by far outlasted any work. An hour of trying to interpret what issues today’s guests on Jeremy Kyle (9.25 on ITV1 if you’re interested) were really on the show for – multiple episodes of cheating, and lie detector tests being a prominent feature – was followed by Judge Judy. If a Dragons Den repeat was on Dave, this was considered a bonus – if not, it was onto old episodes of 10 Years Younger. From loving this show when it was originally shown years ago, realizing that it was actually a humiliating ritual in making 30-40 year old women feel that they cannot possibly be good enough as they are – only surgery and a total makeover can turn their life around.

For the entire of the exam period, this pattern continued. The Jeremy Kyle Show was unsurprisingly the most attention catching of them all: unashamedly loved by almost everyone, the shouting, fights and storming out evoke giggles, gasps of shock or just open mouthed horror from the viewing audience (and myself at home). But the peak came when I found myself crying at an episode. Not tears of laughter, actual tears of sadness at the predicament unfolding on-screen. A 60 year old man had been left with a child he believed was his own for two years, while the mother continued her life of drink, drugs and sex. After providing everything for this child, and swearing he would fight her in court for permanent custody, Jez delivered the fatal blow: ‘The DNA results show that he is….NOT the child’s father’. Well, the heartbreak was clear to see, as the man sobbed his heart out, and the ink of my carefully prepared notes smudged as my own tears fell.

Emotional as this episode was, after the signature music blared I felt immediate self pity. Drastic action was taken: I took the soul destroying journey back to uni, braved the queue for the tiny space in the library, and went cold turkey. Thankfully, the end of exams brought a relief to this addiction – I could go back to the occasional viewing (afternoon of course, 9.25 being a time of the past). I can only hope that the programmed schedule changes soon, so I will no longer turn on the television, already knowing what equally hilarious and mind-numbing talk show is going to distract my attention for the next few hours. It’s a hate-to-love for students everywhere, but these shows will remain addictive for as long as they remain controversial enough to turn our attention from lecture slides on…pretty much anything, it shouldn’t be hard.

Amazing, simple facial!

So I read about this facial on this blog – – and thought I’d try it out because it sounded really simple and easy!
First, I steamed my face with hot water: I took her advice and also added a green tea bag. Mine were Tesco’s own Green Tea with Lemon – the Lemon did make it smell much better – and it’s really cleansing. I did this for about five minutes then applied a clay mask directly to my skin.

Clarins Source Credit – Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay

I got this as a free sample when I ordered from the Clarins website (I think it’s usually £20.50 which is pretty pricey for a face mask), and I have to say it is incredible! It feels really gorgeous to put on and isn’t too sticky. So I left this for about…10/15 minutes, then used the warm water/green tea combo to cleanse it off.

After this, my skin felt really clean and tight so, rather than using loads of products, I used one of Simple’s exfoliating face wipes. Then, I thought I’d try out the tip by using the green tea bag as a toner – felt a bit weird, but if my skin gets really clear in the next couple of days I’ll know it works! Finally, I massaged in some moisturiser.

Can’t lie, my face feels so great I’m going out make-up free to keep it clean and smooth feeling for as long as possible! Give it a try, it’s mega easy and the results are great! I know I’ve blogged loads in the last day or so, but I’ll try and tone it down again!