Amazing, simple facial!

So I read about this facial on this blog – – and thought I’d try it out because it sounded really simple and easy!
First, I steamed my face with hot water: I took her advice and also added a green tea bag. Mine were Tesco’s own Green Tea with Lemon – the Lemon did make it smell much better – and it’s really cleansing. I did this for about five minutes then applied a clay mask directly to my skin.

Clarins Source Credit – Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay

I got this as a free sample when I ordered from the Clarins website (I think it’s usually £20.50 which is pretty pricey for a face mask), and I have to say it is incredible! It feels really gorgeous to put on and isn’t too sticky. So I left this for about…10/15 minutes, then used the warm water/green tea combo to cleanse it off.

After this, my skin felt really clean and tight so, rather than using loads of products, I used one of Simple’s exfoliating face wipes. Then, I thought I’d try out the tip by using the green tea bag as a toner – felt a bit weird, but if my skin gets really clear in the next couple of days I’ll know it works! Finally, I massaged in some moisturiser.

Can’t lie, my face feels so great I’m going out make-up free to keep it clean and smooth feeling for as long as possible! Give it a try, it’s mega easy and the results are great! I know I’ve blogged loads in the last day or so, but I’ll try and tone it down again!


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