Top Picks: Warehouse!

I’ve been wanting to do a clothes post for a while now! Buttt I’m down to my last £10 of the month, so I’m going to revert to my old faithful of new season favourites. This time it’s Warehouse: I don’t really buy from there much as I do feel it’s aimed at ‘professional’ women. Looking back over my choices, it does actually have a really smart theme so maybe I’m already in the ‘back to uni/college/work’ mind frame after summer. I’m loving this stuff though so this is my top 5! 

Faux Leather Stitch Detail Biker Jacket – £58

Everybody who knows me is aware that I’ve wanted a leather jacket for a long time now. But I’m ridiculously picky, and I’ve always managed to find something wrong with the ones I’ve seen! This one is looking like a good contender to finally get purchased, so it’s down to the shops on payday to try this one on!

 Mini Jacquard Blazer – £70

I love blazers. For anybody looking for something a little different to wear – for school, job interviews or work – this could be it. I love wearing smart things, but don’t really have an opportunity too. But this year is where I have to start applying for grad schemes and ‘real world jobs’ (insert scared face here) so I’m looking for something smart, but that will also look stylish and stand out. Could be onto a winner here. Plus it comes with matching shorts, eep!

Cutwork Peplum Top – £40

I know I had a peplum top in my last fashion favourites video, but I think this one may trump it! I like how versatile this one could be, and also how the cut out section at the top is made of lace (I’ve seen a lot made out of a faux leather material that I don’t think I’d really like to feel on a top). The product description says it has a low V back and zip, but there isn’t a back view to see. It’s turning out to be an expensive payday list so far…

Jacquard Panel Frill Hem Dress – £48

This is probably the only thing in my favourites I love but have absolutely no occasion to wear it, so it wouldn’t be worth buying for me personally. The grey detail down the sides is really slimming, and I do think it would add curves, or flatter an already curvy figure. The only thing I’m not sure on is the frill at the bottom. If I had an office job however, I probably would be snapping this up.

Metal Trim Day Bag – £86.

I always seem to end these posts with a beautiful bag I cannot afford. This is gorgeous. I want this on my arm. I think I’d probably use the long strap if it was relatively short (if that makes any sense to you). I like bags that have zip pockets on the front, so you don’t have to root around alllll your stuff to find a lip balm. Need this in my life, maybe one for the birthday wishlist!

Hope you enjoyed this relatively work/smart like post! Do you have any favourites from Warehouse you’d like to share!? Or if anybody has seen a similar bag for less than this, I would LOVE to know. See you next time! x


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