The Positives of Winter.

love summer. I love it being light late into the evenings. I love not having to worry about taking a jacket out. I love getting to lie in the sun. I love driving with my windows down and not having to worry about ice on the roads. I love going on walks through the woods.

If you’re in the North West (and maybe the rest of the country too?), you’ll have noticed that summer has disappeared and autumn has come in with a (freezing cold) vengeance in the last couple of days. My mood has been somewhat dampened by this, being a full time sun/heat worshiper. Given the slump in my mood, I thought I would write down some positives about winter that will make me feel better about the upcoming months! Disclaimer: all photos are my own.

1. Everywhere looks pretty.

I’m unhappy to admit that I’ve started waking up, and groaning when I see the snow. For someone who has to drive to work/uni pretty much every day, snow is a nightmare. Especially around where I live where it’s full of little country roads that turn into cunning death traps. But it makes it worth being cold when everywhere looks this pretty, and I’m going to try my best to appreciate that instead of complaining about it!

2. My Birthday/Christmas



My birthday is November, which makes a usually dull month have something to look forward to! This year I’m 21, so hopefully am going to be planning something exciting and a little bit different! Christmas is also exciting, and buying gifts for people is one of my favourite things. TV is awesome, you get a holiday from work/uni, and you get to give and receive lovely things (can you tell I’m not religious?!)

3. Clothes and shopping


As much as I love summer, I have one gripe: I’m not a huge fan of summer clothes. I don’t really go for loads of floral prints and candy colours that are typically in. Winter clothes are much more my forte – dark reds are my favourite – and September/October is my favourite time to shop. Plus you can cuddle up in massive jumpers and woolly hats/scarves. Ohhh, the shops are calling! Even better when they all have their Christmas offers and displays up – perfect. Boots gift sets? Hell yes.

4. Christmas Songs/themes.

Cliche maybe? But who doesn’t love it when a bit of Slade comes on the radio? I know for a fact, when we play the Christmas CD in work, we all get much happier than usual! Ditto shops playing festive tunes. By ‘Christmas themes’, I mean little markets and stalls that spring up. Every year in Liverpool, they have a market along Church Street, and a Christmas style fair in Chavasse Park (on top of Liverpool ONE). The smell of gorgeous food wafting over while you shop – heaven.

5. Food

Continuing with this theme, winter means the arrival of Mr Kipling’s seasonal cakes: mince pies, festive chocolate cakes mmmm. Yule Log, Christmas Pudding. Special edition hot chocolates and gingerbread latte’s in Starbucks and Costa. Having a steaming hot cup with you on your walk to lectures makes you forget about the cold, just a tiny bit. And you can eat all you want because you’ll be hidden in jumpers until at least March. See below for the amount of chocolate they already have in the shops….




There’s quite a lot to look forward to really. It’s much more satisfying to come home to a warm house when it’s been freezing outside, and watch a Christmas special with a hot chocolate. While going dark early is a pain, it just means that the Christmas lights around town can shine for a little bit longer. And writing this has actually made me quite excited!

Do you love/hate the winter? What are your favourite parts of it?


2 thoughts on “The Positives of Winter.

  1. Hmmm.. I’m not sure if I can agree with you 😦 I don’t see too many positive things about winter. Maybe because I live in Norway, and the temprature is about 13 Farenheit for many moths + at least two meters with snow…! Brrr… Freezing just by thinking about it 🙂

    • Haha! I don’t blame you – it doesn’t get that cold here but still hate it! I dislike winter so this was trying to make me feel better – sure I’ll be complaining lots at the time when I’m freezing! X

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