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Term Time Resolutions.

I’ve been lacking inspiration for my lifestyle posts recently, despite having a pretty exciting week. I started a new job, on Thursday, my old job had an amazing staff day out: Go Ape in Delamere Forest, Sapporo, and Alma de Cuba. Go Ape is kind of like an assault course but up in the trees (ending with amazing zip wires!): the meal in Sapporo Teriyaki was incredible and anybody in Liverpool that hasn’t been to Alma de Cuba (and has a decent size budget) I would advise you to get down now! Saturday was a friends 21st in a new 24 hour casino that opened. So, pretty good all in all.

1. Go Ape Treetop Adventure. 2. Sapporo Teriyaki. 3. Cocktails.

But now it’s that time where I have to settle down, do some work, and try to be a responsible student for my last (eep!) year of education. I got the inspiration for this from Hannah’s wonderful blog. Like she says, I’ve made these resolutions every year since I started my GCSE’s, but this year it really counts. Uni couldn’t have made it any easier for me to laze around with my 4 hours a week timetable (full time, yeah right!). These are my aspirations for the year:

1. Get most of my project done in Semester 1.
Due to my lack of actual lectures in this term, I have plenty of time on my hands. Instead of using it to stay in bed, shop, go for lunch with friends (as I spent the entire of my second year doing), I will go to uni, and work hard at getting my work done. One year of hard work – maybe I’ll miss it when it’s gone so why not do something productive, instead of doing nothing (*cough* playing on The Sims). 

2. Get fit.
I never appreciated the effect 13 years of ballet had on my body, until I quit two years ago. Now my confidence is low and I need an overhaul that doesn’t feel like a chore. Joining the uni gym sounds like a good idea – having Lauren as a gym buddy will make me more likely to go! And I want to get back into swimming. Also, eat more healthily.

3. Spend my money wisely.
Getting into the habit of buying things out of boredom is never good…also, find cheaper alternatives to going to Topshop all the time. Forever 21 cannot open in Liverpool fast enough.

This relates to after I finish really, but starting now! I go to Poland for a few days next week (history, water park and vodka), and am planning a shopping trip to London soon too as I am completely in love with the place. Instead of Christmas presents, my boyfriend and I are looking at going on a short break somewhere which would be lovely.
But the big one is my plans for after exams/graduation. I’m not ready for a serious career; I haven’t lived and found what I really want to do. Me and Lauren are planning to go somewhere after exams for a couple of weeks (tropical and beautiful!), then Glastonbury with a few others, then Crete for her 21st. Feel like it would be scary, but I think would make a huge difference to how negative I’ve felt for the last few years.

5. Write a lot.
This has already started here, and I’m also writing for a new student website/magazine in my uni, as well as a creative writing module at uni. With experience, comes interest and hope, and I always have hope that one day something brilliant will come to me. And I’ll get a job on Cosmo magazine and everything will be amazing. (maybe). 

Do any of you guys make resolutions at the start of uni/school/college as well as new year? Also, how do you like these kind of posts compared to my beauty posts? Let me know, opinions welcome and appreciated!


September Glossybox!

Today, I received my first Glossybox in the post! I was mega excited to get home and open it, and I was NOT disappointed. Firstly, this gorgeous packaging, which was specially designed by Maggie Li this month.

I will definitely be using this for storage, like so many fellow bloggers! So, when I opened it up, inside the luxurious tissue paper and black filler was:
Lady Gaga: Fame Fragrance 
Rodial: Glamoxy Snake  Serum (x2)
Rodial: 5 minute Facial Clay Mask (x2)
Balance Me: Wonder Eye Cream
Vichy: Idealia Day Care Cream
Maghrabian: Hair Oil
Obviously I haven’t had a chance to really use any so far but I do already own the Balance Me eye cream, as I got a sample with Glamour magazine a few months back. I probably wouldn’t repurchase it, but I do use it because I like the cool feel of it! So I’m glad to have another.
The Lady Gaga fragrance is so much nicer than I anticipated! It’s quite subtle, and reminds me of a more toned down version of Fantasy by Britney Spears (I could just be totally making that up though!)
I’m quite excited to try out the Rodial products as I haven’t heard of them before – I’ve given one of the Snake Serum samples to my mum to see if she finds any noticeable difference with reducing frown lines, and I’m going to try out the clay mask as I love them! I have high expectations of this.
The Vichy cream comes in a gorgeous 15ml pot, so I think it’s going to last me for a while! It’s a lovely pale pink colour and smells/feels really luxurious! I have also never tried a hair oil so quite looking forward to having a go of this sample.
Does anybody like/recommend any of these products in particular?! I feel, for my first Glossybox, it’s a really good load and has definitely persuaded me to order another! As usual, would love to hear what you think or read any of your reviews, hope everybody else likes it as much as me!

Somerset by Alice Temperly

After reading about this John Lewis exclusive collection, I just had to get down there to check it out. This dress, I have seen in every magazine article I read about the collection. It’s beautiful, amazing and way out of my price range at £160.

(Photo from John Lewis website)

It comes in animal print which I’m really NOT a fan of, black which I quite like, but this white one just captured my heart totally! Silk and lace is completely luxurious. Cannot explain how much I love this dress. I can NEVER afford this dress. Unless I win the lottery. So I may just sneak into John Lewis and try it on.

Do you love this as much as me? Or any other favourites from the Somerset collection? Let me know, I always love to read your comments 🙂 x

First Beauty Haul!

I’ve been incredibly happy to finally get to shop in the past week! I was going to do a series of reviews of products I’ve bought, but it was suggested that I did a haul overview first. I think this is actually my first one! I also ordered my first Glossybox which I’m mega excited to get!

1. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Medium: £7.99

This is the BB cream I reviewed on my last post (see here) but in a shade darker! So hopefully it wont make me look a bit more tanned. I’ve also been out wearing it since my review, and I’m pleased to say it gives a flawless looking photo finish! The foundation that I would usually wear makes me glow white in pictures usually, so I’ll definitely be using the Maybelline BB cream in the future.

2. Maybelline le Colossal Volum Express Mascara: £7.99

This mascara is actually a repurchase: I originally had this a couple of years ago. I loved it. It dried out. I moved onto a different brand and forgot about it. But there was an offer in Superdrug (still is I think!) on 2 for £10, so thought I may as well go for it! And I still love it just as much as before.

3. bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer: £12

This was the first thing I have ordered from feelunique.com! I needed an eye primer, and figured as it was on sale, I’d give it a go! I found this quite disappointing if I’m honest. On one hand, it DID keep my make up on all night (a rare feat I will admit) and I’m tempted to keep it because of this. However, I didn’t really get the clue from the ‘brightening’ that it was actually white. And didn’t really fade. This wasn’t too much of a problem for my eyelid, but it did show through my eyeliner on the bottom lashes, which I’m not really a fan of.

4. bareMinerals Eyecolour in ‘Beautiful Autumn’: £10.50

I have been excited to get this colour for a while now. Every time I went into Debenhams, I would go and swatch it but they NEVER had it in stock 😦 so I got it from feelunique.com instead. This was harder to apply than expected (I used the double ended Urban Decay brush from the Naked2 Palette) but it did give a gorgeous colour and really brightened up my eyes.

5. Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in ‘Machine’: £8

I bought this from the sale on ASOS on a whim. I did blend with the Beautiful Autumn colour on the outer corner of my eye, but it takes quite a lot of colour for it to actually stay put. It’s a dark grey-black colour with a hint of sparkle, but just comes across quite light grey when applied: this is my first experience with Illamasqua eyeshadow and I was quite disappointed. But I am going to persevere and try it out with a really smokey eye, so I’ll let you know the results.

6. Nspa Body Lotion in Jojoba and White Jasmine: £1

Aaaaaand finally – this was on sale in Asda for just 1 pound! I bought my friend some Nspa products for her birthday and they smelled so gorgeous, I just had to buy myself this. It is the smaller size (75ml) but I have quite a lot of other body butters and lotions to use up, so I’m going to carry this around in my bag to combat winter dry skin!

So that’s it for my first haul! Hope you liked it, and if any of you have any other products to recommend, I’d be happy to hear it! You can follow me on GFC at laurasbeautyheaven.blogspot.co.uk

Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream!

Hey! Time for another make-up review, and what better than BB cream now that we’re going into autumn. I always get sad about my fading tan at this time of year and some of you may know that I don’t really wear foundation much (cue gasps of shock from the beauty community)! However, I have been trying out BB creams lately as a lighter alternative: I received some samples of the L’Oreal Revitalift Repair 10 BB cream but I wasn’t really a big fan to be honest – the tone was a bit orange-y for me, and I don’t have any wrinkles to smooth!

So, for a more fresh feel, I also got sent a few samples of Maybelline ‘Dream Fresh BB Cream’. I’ve tried the Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse foundation a few years ago, so thought I’d give something else from the range a go!

I love the feel of putting this on, it’s really moisturizing and also has SPF 30 so really would have been ideal if I’d discovered it earlier in the summer! I got sent samples in the shade ‘fair’ which I feel is a little bit light for my skin in the summer. However, it applies really easily and has pretty good coverage compared to the other creams I have tried so far. I go pretty freckly when I’ve been out in the sun, even though in the winter they disappear. This covered them quite well, and left my skin feeling smooth for the whole day. I did use it with a moisturiser, so that probably made it a little better to apply, but generally am really happy with it!

The only little problem I have noticed is that this morning, my skin has broken out a little, but I’m trying to determine if it’s just from all the junk I’ve eaten lately! If my skin improves, I’ll definitely be repurchasing this: with a price tag of £7.99 it’s worth a buy and a little bit goes a long way!

It’s the only thing I have on my face, so excuse the bare eyes! But it covers my freckles almost completely (should have thought to do a ‘before’ pic really!).

So that’s it, hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’ve been a bit lax on beauty blogging lately, but I’m happy to report exciting things coming up! I’m hopefully booking tickets to a ‘Girls Day Out’ event in Manchester, so I’m hoping to pick up a lot of exciting things there! Plus, as a payday treat, I’ve also ordered a bareMinerals eyeshadow and eye primer, so that will probably be my next review!

Please leave any suggestions in the comments below, I would be happy to hear, and hope everybody is enjoying the start of September!

Top Picks: Warehouse!

I’ve been wanting to do a clothes post for a while now! Buttt I’m down to my last £10 of the month, so I’m going to revert to my old faithful of new season favourites. This time it’s Warehouse: I don’t really buy from there much as I do feel it’s aimed at ‘professional’ women. Looking back over my choices, it does actually have a really smart theme so maybe I’m already in the ‘back to uni/college/work’ mind frame after summer. I’m loving this stuff though so this is my top 5! 

Faux Leather Stitch Detail Biker Jacket – £58

Everybody who knows me is aware that I’ve wanted a leather jacket for a long time now. But I’m ridiculously picky, and I’ve always managed to find something wrong with the ones I’ve seen! This one is looking like a good contender to finally get purchased, so it’s down to the shops on payday to try this one on!

 Mini Jacquard Blazer – £70

I love blazers. For anybody looking for something a little different to wear – for school, job interviews or work – this could be it. I love wearing smart things, but don’t really have an opportunity too. But this year is where I have to start applying for grad schemes and ‘real world jobs’ (insert scared face here) so I’m looking for something smart, but that will also look stylish and stand out. Could be onto a winner here. Plus it comes with matching shorts, eep!

Cutwork Peplum Top – £40

I know I had a peplum top in my last fashion favourites video, but I think this one may trump it! I like how versatile this one could be, and also how the cut out section at the top is made of lace (I’ve seen a lot made out of a faux leather material that I don’t think I’d really like to feel on a top). The product description says it has a low V back and zip, but there isn’t a back view to see. It’s turning out to be an expensive payday list so far…

Jacquard Panel Frill Hem Dress – £48

This is probably the only thing in my favourites I love but have absolutely no occasion to wear it, so it wouldn’t be worth buying for me personally. The grey detail down the sides is really slimming, and I do think it would add curves, or flatter an already curvy figure. The only thing I’m not sure on is the frill at the bottom. If I had an office job however, I probably would be snapping this up.

Metal Trim Day Bag – £86.

I always seem to end these posts with a beautiful bag I cannot afford. This is gorgeous. I want this on my arm. I think I’d probably use the long strap if it was relatively short (if that makes any sense to you). I like bags that have zip pockets on the front, so you don’t have to root around alllll your stuff to find a lip balm. Need this in my life, maybe one for the birthday wishlist!

Hope you enjoyed this relatively work/smart like post! Do you have any favourites from Warehouse you’d like to share!? Or if anybody has seen a similar bag for less than this, I would LOVE to know. See you next time! x

Beauty Reviews: No7, The Body Shop and Montagne Jeunesse.

I haven’t had enough money to buy much recently! So this post is a little collection of things I wanted to share, but didn’t really feel that there was enough for me to do a separate post on each!

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover: £8.50 

I tried this eye make-up remover once (read: found in the bathroom belonging to my sister and ‘borrowed’ it) and was pretty impressed by how easily it took off the make up! So I decided to buy it for myself. I will admit that (despite wearing eye make up every day) I’ve never had one of these before, and you get quite a lot in the bottle for the price! Although this removes pretty much all my eyeliner/shadow/mascara in one go, it leaves the area around your eyes quite oily. I’m guessing this is to be expected to some degree, but it is a bit more so than I would like! However I do use it every day, and I just use a damp cotton wool pad to rid my face of the residue after.

Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Mask: £1

So I haven’t actually used this. Buttt, I got the ‘Green Tea Peel Off’ Mask from the same people (just didn’t want to put a mingy half used picture on here!) and loved it! It made my skin feel really tight and fresh afterwards. So I’m hoping this is going to make me as happy as that one did, although it is a cream mask. The Green Tea one had ginger and lemon for reviving skin, while this has cocoa for moisturizing and cleansing. Yeah, mega excited to use! On the website these are £1.09, but they sell them in Asda, Boots etc for £1 so get down there!


Finally, I went to The Body Shop on Wednesday. And they had half price body butters. So I bought one in Strawberry;

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter: £6.50!!

It feels gorgeous, totally standard amazing quality from The Body Shop! But it also smells like Angel Delight, with a bit of Calpol thrown in. So it’s just heavenly to me. So I took this to the till, where the very lovely sales assistant told me, because I had a rewards card, I could also get the matching scrub thrown in for half price too! This has actual strawberry seeds in it: they were apparently bought from a factory making seedless jam on the verge of going bust, therefore saving it. So I got the Body Butter AND Scrub for a total of £9.50 (with the rewards card 10% off), when they would have came to over £20 originally. Safe to say, I was incredibly happy!

Hope you enjoyed reading this very random little post!