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What Music Means to Me.

There aren’t too many people around that don’t love music. No matter the genre or popularity, it appeals to almost every single person in one way or another. In societies where people are incredibly poor, they sing and make music to bring their communities together. Some people make incredible amounts of money from making music. It’s a shared love and everybody has their own individual take on it.

I listen to different types of music. I’ll listen to the chart, rock, classical, ‘indie’ and enjoy it all. Getting laughed at for having Classic FM tuned on my car radio to getting startled looks when guitar and drums blast out from it; it’s typical and you can’t escape the preconceptions of what people expect of you. But challenging them is something that I find fun and if something makes you happy, it shouldn’t matter what it is. I suppose this kind of applies to most other areas of life too.

Music at gigs should be loud, hot and as long as you have enough space to bounce up and down, a good time is pretty much guaranteed. I’ve been to concerts of massive artists in seated areas, and while they put on an amazing show, it’s not the same as being down in the crowd. It’s a feeling of anonymity and freedom to scream, dance, sing, jump. And you come out so filled with happiness and adrenaline, you feel like you’re floating on air. Especially when you meet the lead singer of your favourite band….ahhhh. Love you Josh.

Music in headphones is private. You can go loud and blot out the world, or give it a gentle soundtrack on a long journey. Slow and sad for when you’re chilled and calm. So bouncy that it makes you smile, tap your feet and want to sing along (usually in my head). Attracting strange looks from people when you laugh to yourself at a happy memory associated with the song. You walk a little bit lighter and happier with music playing in your ears.

When a song I really love comes on – especially when you aren’t expecting it, like on the radio or a TV show – I get really, really happy. A lightness inside. Usually, I’ll close my eyes and just listen, not think. Examples of these songs for me are :-

I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi
Welcome to the Black Parade
 – My Chemical Romance
Young Blood – The Naked and Famous
Many of Horror – Biffy Clyro
The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls
Say You Don’t Want It – One Night Only
El Tango de Roxanne – Moulin Rouge Version
Liquid Confidence – You Me at Six
Brat Pack – The Rocket Summer
We Found Love – Rihanna and Calvin Harris
Swan Lake Soundtrack

Does anybody else have songs that make them feel this way?

A thing that people find unique is relating to songs. Lyrics posted on MSN, Twitter, Facebook status’s with a situation that seems to relate exactly to how we are thinking and feeling. And the beauty of that is it touches people differently. But the fact that it can touch so many people means that it’s universal. Being able to write a song and affect so many people with it must be incredible.

For me, it is a way to remember good times. Use it to get you through bad times Associate emotions with songs, happy or sad. And it will be a part of me for my whole life.


Positivity: Unlock Your Potential.

This blog has been an escape for me so far. A way to delve into beauty, humor and the pretty parts of life, to forget about the things that I’m maybe not as happy with. But I have some important things I want to get off my mind today.

For this piece, I have an appropriate soundtrack. You may or may not be surprised to know that I’m a classical music fan, as well as chart/rock/pop/indie//whatever else. A friend sent me this while I’ve been revising, and it kinda reminds me of a film. It’s a piano piece, and makes me relax. Press play:
I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi

 I’ve acquired this book from my mother;

Source Credit to Openlibrary.org

She bought it for me just after I first started uni. I was depressed (as in bawling every single night, not just a little sad). This book says that what you attract to you is what you give off. So, if you’re negative, you’ll get negative things coming back to you. For  example, I spend most days in a place that hardly anybody wants to be, the atmosphere sucks and people are rarely cheerful when we’re there. All the bad ‘vibes’ (for lack of a less cringey word) join together and make everybody else miserable. And the cycle continues.

I’m not sure how much I believe in something like this, but it never hurts to be more positive. I want good things to come to me – new opportunities. And maybe they haven’t yet because I haven’t been giving off the right attitude to the world. I used to live in the past, still do to some extent. But also, didn’t realise that recently I have locked away a lot of good memories. They’ve started to fade, or be replaced by negatives. And this can’t be good for anyone.

NEW START: Letting the things I’m grateful for override the things I wish were better.