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A/W Jewellery Rave!

At some point last year, I realised I owned basically no jewellery. This had to change.

Me on the London Eye wearing The Apple (Topshop)

I’ve been accessorizing with one key necklace – favourites of the past year include the Apple (Topshop), Leaf (Accessorize), Rings (Topshop) and Cuckoo Clock (available here). They’re all gold and make a simple outfit a little more noticeable. People have stopped me upon occasion and asked where they’re from (which I found very flustering!) 

With a new season, comes new trends, and unless you haven’t been to the shops/opened a magazine for the last few months, you’ll know that the two key pieces for this season are crosses and spikes.

I’m going to say it now. I don’t like the crosses and don’t think I’ll be purchasing any pieces with it on. Not that they’re horrible or anything (!) but just that…I’m not religious, and I know it doesn’t have to mean you are, but for me it’s not very appealing. 

But I will be embracing the studded/spiked trend in jewellery. I try to buy clothes that I’ll be able to wear for a long time, so probably won’t be investing in much studded clothing (if anybody knows where to get a biker jacket without studs, I’m all ears!), but will be bringing my clothes up to date with jewellery.

Set of 9 Earrings – Freedom at Topshop, £8.50

Necklace – Freedom at Topshop, £12.50

Bracelet – New Look, £6.99

These are my three most recent purchases and I’ve already worn the necklace loads! I love Topshop necklaces, however after lots of wear, the gold does start to rub off the chain leaving it half silver 😦 but it’s so pretty I can’t help myself!

What jewellery are you going to be wearing this winter?